Alberto da Giussano

Alberto da Giussano (Lombardy, 12th century ) was a leader of the Lombard League.


Alberto da Giussanos origin and life is controversial. It is believed that he came from the Lombard location Giussano there or held public office.


Alberto da Giussano adopted on May 29, 1176 at the Battle of Legnano, in which he is supposed to have according to legend, defended his company the Carrocio, a war chariot, against the soldiers of the Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa. Due to the importance of Carrocio he may have been one or the military commander of the Lombards.


Alberto da Giussano later became a symbol for the liberation of Italy from foreign rule. He was especially glorified during the Risorgimento and also during Fascism.

The Italian Navy in 1930 a light cruiser named after him, the army had on coats of arms of associations that carried him the name " Legnano " 1934-1997.

He has particular significance today for the northern Italian regional party Lega Nord, whose coat of arms, he can be seen. For the Lega and their supporters, it represents the resistance to centralism and Roman tutelage.

In Legnano end of May each year, the Palio di Legnano takes place, a folk festival with costume parade and horse race as Giussano commemorates the Battle and Alberto. The city built him a monument.