Alberto Palacio

Paz Martin Alberto de Palacio y Elissague ( born January 24, 1856 in Sare, France, † May 11 1939 in Getxo, Spain) was an engineer and architect from the Basque Country.

Alberto Palacio grew up in Sare and Sandamadi ( Gordexola ), Vizcaya and could in Basque, Spanish and French agree. He studied architecture in Barcelona and furthered his education with the study of mathematics, engineering, astronomy and medicine in Paris, where he also enjoyed teaching at Gustave Eiffel. After studying Palacio worked for several years in Madrid, before he at his most famous building, the Puente de Vizcaya near Bilbao, worked.


Alberto Palacio used mainly iron and glass for his buildings, which he always looked for innovative and functional solutions. The principal work with which Alberto also gained international recognition is the Puente de Vizcaya in the harbor of Bilbao. The facility is the oldest transporter bridge in the world and was built in the years 1890-1893 with the help of his brother Silvestre de Palacio.

His previous works include the Palacio de Velázquez ( 1881-1883 ) and the Palacio de Cristal (1887 ) in the Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid. Both buildings were under the direction of architect Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, in cooperation with the ceramist Daniel Zuloaga.

Chronological Listing of Buildings

  • Palacio de Velázquez in the Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid (1881-1883)
  • Main building of the Bank of Spain, Madrid (1884-1891)
  • Palacio de Cristal in the Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid ( 1887)
  • Madrid Atocha railway station (1889-1892), together with engineer Henry Saint James
  • Puente de Vizcaya Transporter Bridge (1890-1893)
  • Osram factory in Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza in Madrid (1914-1916)