Albignasego is a municipality with 24.140 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Province of Padua in the Veneto region of Italy. It belongs to the metropolitan area of ​​Padua. The municipality is located 9 km south of the provincial capital of Padua and 46 km west of Venice.

The neighboring municipalities are Abano Terme, Casalserugo, Maserà di Padova, Padova and Ponte San Nicolò.

In the field of community Albignasego already settled in the Bronze Age people. In Roman times the town belonged administratively to Padua.

In the village there are several interesting mansions. These are the Villa San Bonifacio (also called " Villa Mandriola " ), the villa and the villa Obizzi Salom.

With Galánta in Slovakia is a partnership since 2007.