Albinus Nance

Albinus Nance ( born March 30, 1848 in La Fayette, Stark County, Illinois, † December 7, 1911 in Lincoln, Nebraska ) was an American politician and 1879-1883, the fifth Governor of the State of Nebraska.

Early years and political rise

Albinus Nance attended the local schools of his home in Illinois. During the Civil War, he fought in spite of his youth as a soldier in the ranks of the Union army. He then studied at Knox College in Galesburg Jura. In 1870 he was admitted as a lawyer and a year later he moved into the Polk County, Nebraska, where he opened a very successful law firm. Soon after, he moved the firm in the city Osceola.

He soon became a well-known personality in his new home. Between 1874 and 1878, the Republicans had Nance deputy in the House of Representatives from Nebraska and at times even the President ( Speaker). In 1876 he was head of delegation of Republican from Nebraska at the Republican National Convention in Cincinnati. Next to Nance secured in 1878 his party's nomination as a candidate for the upcoming gubernatorial election.

Governor of Nebraska

After he had clearly won the gubernatorial election in November to Democrat W. H. Webster, Nance could assume office on January 9, 1879. After a re-election in 1880, he practiced it a total of four years. Nance was at the time of taking office the youngest of age ago Governor of American States at all. In the four years of his term, a prohibition law was passed after the sale of alcoholic beverages was restricted. In these years, the railway network was further expanded in the state and promoted the economic recovery.

Further CV

After the end of his tenure, Nance, who was not even 35 years old, withdrew from politics. He was working as a lawyer again and went into the bank and stock exchange business. To this end, he transferred his residence temporarily to Chicago. Albinus Nance died in December 1911 in Lincoln, and was also buried there. He was married to Sarah White, with whom he had a child.