Albrecht Behmel

Behmel Albrecht ( born March 24, 1971) is a German historian and writer.


Behmel grew up in Baden -Württemberg in Stuttgart. He studied philosophy and history in Heidelberg Volker Sellin and Klaus Beyme and the Humboldt -Universität zu Berlin with Herbert Schnädelbach. Today, he is the author of non-fiction books and novels on subjects from antiquity and history. He lives in Berlin and writes, in part, under a pseudonym, for film, TV, print and radio.

Behmel founded in 2008 FilmforumPRO, a network for film and media professionals from Berlin and Brandenburg, originally Berlin Film Forum, with regular special events for the current film culture in Germany. Monthly meet once each about 250 industry insiders in the HomeBase Lounge at Potsdamer Platz, Soho House Berlin, or country distributors.

Content and style

In his journalistic contributions Behmel represents classical liberal, humanist, pacifist and anarchist values ​​part. The history of ideas dealing with ideologies and authorities is a central theme of his contemporary historical materials. In works of fiction, he deals with issues such as urbanity; Identity and the intricacies of human communication. In many passages occur dialects and jargons to individual in their contrast to more traditional forms of High German. Frequently recurring motifs: horses, classic country music, Berlin, Scotland, Ireland, philosophy, Greco-Roman antiquity, high-tech and mythology.


Non-fiction book

  • Themistocles, winner of Salamis and Lord of magnesia. The beginnings of the Athenian classical between Marathon and Salamis. Ibidem, Stuttgart 1999, ISBN 3-932602-72-2.
  • What are Thought Experiments? Counterfactual assumptions in the philosophy of mind - the Turing Test and Chinese Room. Ibidem, Stuttgart 2001, ISBN 3-89821-109-6.
  • Successfully in the study of humanities. Francke, Tübingen 2005, ISBN 3-7720-3371-7.
  • 1968 - The children of the dictatorship. The myth of the student movement in the history of ideas, the context of the " hysterical Century" 1870 until 1968. Ibidem, Stuttgart 2011, ISBN 978-3-8382-0203-7.
  • The Central Europe debate in the Federal Republic of Germany. Between peace movement, cultural identity and German question. Ibidem, Stuttgart 2011, ISBN 978-3-8382-0201-3.


  • The Nibelungenlied. An epic in 39 adventures. Newly translated and provided with comments by Albrecht Behmel. Ibidem -Verlag, Stuttgart 2001, ISBN 3-89821-145-2.
  • The art of keeping a horse between you and the ground: quotations and proverbs from the world of horses. Lardon, Berlin 2005, ISBN 3-89769-910-9; Royalty issue: On the back of a horse is the happiness of this earth. 700 wisdom for all horse lovers. Weltbild, Augsburg 2006, ISBN 3-8289-8118-6.
  • The Berlin Express history. 80,000 years in 42 Sips. Publishing on the River Spree, Berlin 2007, ISBN 978-3-9809951-5-3.
  • Homo sapiens Berlin Art Schenk, Passau 2010, ISBN 978-3-939337-78-2.
  • Berlin Express history. Set white, 2013.
  • Dr. Faust and Mephisto! Or: The Devil's journey. Set white, 2013.
  • Mid 1st set white, 2013.
  • Mid 2nd set white, 2014.


  • Format ready for printing ( with Thomas Hartwig, Ulrich A. Setzermann ) manuscripts. Ibidem, Stuttgart 2001, ISBN 3-89821-137-1.
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  • The small lexicon of higher terms: Academic terms of tradition and present. Ibidem, Stuttgart 2012, ISBN 978-3-8382-0202-0.


  • Is this your bike, Mr. O'Brien? Director: Nikolai von Koslowski, spokesman Hüseyin Cirpici, Martin Engler, Udo Thies, Ernst August Schepmann inter alia, SR 2003.

Games and Movie

  • Fortress Under Siege (2013 )
  • Fortress Under Siege 2.0 ( 2014)
  • Out of the Present


  • September 2003: Radio play of the month Is this your bike, Mr. O'Brien?