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Album Title Goes Here ( as album title goes here, > Album Title Goes Here <, > Album Title Goes Here <, > album title goes here < or > album title goes here < shown) is the sixth studio album by the Canadian music producer Deadmau5. It was first published on 25 September 2012. It was recorded from 2009 to 2012, with Failbait (feat. Cypress Hill ) as the oldest song on the album. Album Title Goes Here appeared in the United States and Canada under the label Ultra Records, in all other countries with Virgin Records and mau5trap.

Cover design

The cover of the album adorns half broken mau5head, the hallmark Deadmau5s. In it, Zimmerman's cat Professor Meowingtons place again. The cover was designed by Arn0, a designer who had designed, among other things already logos for Nokia and Coca -Cola. The cover was simultaneously announced the tracklist and the release date of August 9, 2012.


It so far three singles were released from the album, all in advance.

  • Maths was released on February 17, 2012, after the song was included on 1 June 2011 in a video of Deadmau5. The song reached number 33 of the UK dance charts.
  • The veldt was published on 6 May 2012. It contains vocals of Chris James, had met the Deadmau5 on Twitter. It was filmed a music video, the first of Deadmau5 since Ghosts ' n' Stuff from the year 2009. The Veldt reached number 68 in both Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Also, an EP was from June 22, 2012 for the sale.
  • Professional Griefers was the third release (August 14, 2012) from the album. The track was recorded with Gerard Way, the lead singer of the band My Chemical Romance. Also at this production, a music video was shot. It is currently the most expensive to an electronic song of all time. Professional Griefers is included on the soundtrack of FIFA 13.



Album Title Goes Here could be placed in various charts. Place in Germany succeeded 39 and thus the first chart placement Deadmau5 ' in the German charts. Furthermore, you could place 18 in Switzerland, # 24 in Austria, number nine in the UK, number two in Canada, ranked sixth in the United States ranked 16th in the Netherlands, # 28 in Belgium ( Flanders), number 35 in Belgium (Wallonia), ranked 27th in Norway, finishing eleventh in Australia and reached number 17 in New Zealand. In addition Album Title Goes Here album charts climbed directly at number one on the U.S. Dance / Electronic, could be in the first week at number two of the Independent Album Charts and managed a fifth place in the first week in the Digital Album Charts. Furthermore, we also debuted on the first place of the iTunes dance charts and on the fourth placement of all albums on iTunes. It is thus Deadmau5 ' most successful album.


The album received mixed reviews. The calculated by Metacritic Metascore is 59 out of 100 possible points, nine different reviews were evaluated. There were positive votes as of Megan Farokhmanesh of paste, which gave the album 8.5 out of ten stars, saying that after you 've heard from the album, they wanted more and more until one the songs all night by the head went. The album was adrenalin pumping.

David Jeffries of Allmusic had a mixed opinion on the album. So he said, the album was spreading and modest, but also well suited for real fans of Deadmau5. He missed three out of five stars.

Louis Pattison of BBC Music gave two out of five stars a rather negative review from and said that it Album Title Goes Here give a little bit of heart, if you would listen to his predecessor in the dance music direction before the album but all in all would be just as hollow as its title.

John Calvert of Fact (UK) gave only a half out of five stars that can be assigned a very negative review from and said that lonely young people could feel with this album, as they would rebel, and that it would be a culture in which one these young people could lose weight with productions such as these their money.

" [ ... ] Listen to 'The Veldt ' and its ' We are the children of the revolution' lyrics, lifted from a thousand '90s rave tracks, and tell me that 's not depressing. The youth utopia? The "world did the children made"? 20 odd years ago, maybe. This time it's made ​​by c ** ts, like Joel Zimmerman. "

The Veldt " [ ... ] you can hear is " on ", the lyrics say, ' We are the children of the revolution ', taken from thousands rave tracks from the 90s, and you tell me that this was not depressing? [ ... ] One World, which was created by children '? 20 years ago maybe. Today it is made by idiots like Joel Zimmerman. "

Grammy Award

The album was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2013 for Best Dance / Electronica Album category.

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