Alcanar is the southernmost municipality in Catalonia. It is located in the comarca ( county ) Montsiā in the province of Tarragona, on the border of the Autonomous Community of Valencia.

For many Spaniards with second homes and tourists, the beach of Alcanar ( Platja de l' Estanyet ) is an attraction.

The community in 1978 was known as an exploded gas cylinders loaded with trucks. The balance of the tragedy: 217 dead and over 300 injured persons. See the article: tanker truck accident in Los Alfaques.

Villages in the municipality of Alcanar

  • Alcanar 6910
  • Alcanar -Platja 707
  • Les Cases d' Alcanar 1181
  • La Selleta 70

Collection of numbers: 2004

Community partnership

  • France Bordères -sur- l'Échez, Hautes -Pyrenees