Alcatraz (TV series)

Alcatraz is an American TV series with science fiction elements by Elizabeth Sarnoff, Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt that was 2011/2012 produced by Warner Bros. Television and Bad Robot Productions for the U.S. broadcaster Fox. It is about a thirty -year-old incident on the prison island of Alcatraz, in which a group of convicts and guards disappeared without a trace and now reappearing in the present. It started on 16 January 2012 with a double row at Fox.


With these introductory words, voiced by Sam Neill, begins every episode of Alcatraz. In each episode called flashbacks are shown that illustrate the history of the returnees. In the German version of the episodes are titled according to the requested person at issue in this episode. In the original the title sequence is an exception, they simply called " Pilot".


In one incident almost fifty years ago, more precisely in the night of March 20, 1963, disappeared on the prison island Alcatraz all 302 thereon people, including 256 convicts and 46 guards, without a trace. When these crop up again in the present, determines the FBI in the case. The first step is to track the returnees and recapture. In addition, the FBI tried to explain the sudden disappearance of the past and the present return.

The federal agents are supported under the direction of Emerson Hauser from the comic lovers and Alcatraz expert Dr. Diego Soto and the Commissioner ( Detective ) Rebecca Madsen from the San Francisco Police Department.



Jorge Garcia ( 2012)

Sam Neill (2009)

Parminder Nagra ( 2012)

Jonny Coyne (2012 )

Jason Butler Harner (2011)

Main cast

Secondary and guest cast


After Alcatraz was officially appointed in May 2011 as a series, the Fox was initially a time slot in the midseason known. They finally launched on 16 January 2012 with double episode. The pilot episode and the subsequent second episode achieved together just over 10 million viewers and a rating of 3.3 in the key demographic. It is thus according to the ABC fairy tale series Once Upon a Time - Once upon a time ... along with the second-best drama series Revenge start of the season 2011/2012. The remaining eleven episodes were part of a new episode of the medical drama House MD and partly to see you again in double episodes until 26 March 2012. With the ever- falling ratings during the broadcast Fox announced the cancellation of the series in May 2012.

In Germany, RTL Group has secured the broadcast rights as part of its output deals with the production studio Warner Bros.. The German Original of the thirteen episodes began on September 19, 2012 at the division of RTL Nitro. On average, the ratings were exactly on the transmitter section of RTL nitro, so pursued 90 thousand viewers ( 0.3 percent) overall and 50 thousand viewers (0.4 percent ) aged 14 to 49, short-lived series.

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