Alcetas I of Epirus

Alcetes I. (Greek Ἀλκέτας; * to 410 BC; † 370 BC ), reigned from approximately 385 BC until his death as king of the Molosser and hegemon of Epirus. He came from the family of Aiakiden; His father was King Tharyps.

The beginning of the reign of Alcetes was overshadowed by devastating civil wars and throne, for the Epirus tribes recognized the kingship not to protest. Alcetes was driven out of the country, but was able to return with the help of the city of Syracuse and the Illyrians. He allied himself with the tyrant Jason of Pherae and became a member of the second Delian League. Under Alcetes the League of Epirus steps into the light of history. The combined tribes were able to secure far-reaching political rights, which the royal power in Epirus permanently forward significant limitations. Nevertheless Alcetes was able to extend his rule north to the Adriatic coast and to assert itself as the king of Epirus.

Alcetes had two sons, Neoptolemus I and Arybbas who followed him in the rule.