Automobiles Alcyon was a French manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and automobiles.

Company History

Edmond Gentil founded the company in 1890 in Neuilly -sur -Seine to bicycle production. In 1902, production of motorcycles to. As of 1906 cars were produced. From 1912 the company was located in Courbevoie. In 1914 it was renamed Automobiles Alcyon. After the First World War, the motorcycle was given priority and automobile limited. 1928 ended the production of cars. 1963 also ended motorcycle production.


First voiturette, which were also used in motorsport, as well as models emerged with four-cylinder engines. After the First World War a Cyclecar completed the offer. It resembled the Sima - Violet. For the drive ensured single-cylinder and twin-cylinder two -stroke engines with a maximum of 500 cc capacity.

Automobile this brand can be seen in the Musée Henri Malartre in Rochetaillée -sur -Saône in the car and vintage car museum in Reninge.

Alcyon 1921

Alcyon 1925