Aldhun of Durham ( also Aldhun of Lindisfarne, Ealdhun; * around 959, † 1018) was 990-995 an Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Lindisfarne in Chester -le-Street and after installation and renamed the Episcopal 995-1018 Bishop of Durham


Aldhun was born around 959 and came from a distinguished family. He entered a monastery and became a monk. In 990 he was elected bishop of Lindisfarne and consecrated. Since 882 the bishops resided in Chester -le-Street in exile.

Uhtred, who later became ealdorman of Northumbria helped the monks the way for the new planned by Bishop Aldhun Cathedral to clear. Probably at this time married Uhtred Aldhuns daughter Ecgfrida who brought some lands from church property as a dowry in the marriage. Since the time Durham seat of the bishops and the title is changed to Bishop of Durham. On September 4, 998, the new cathedral was consecrated.

Aldhun died after a 29- year term in 1018, when he heard of a broken heart of the terrible losses of the Northumbrians at the Battle of Carham against the Scots.


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