The Aldus Corporation (named after the Venetian printer Aldus Manutius book ) developed the computer program PageMaker for the Apple Macintosh, which is considered as the first Desktop Publishing ( DTP) program. Founder of the company was Paul Brainerd.

PageMaker was released in July 1985 and required Adobe's PostScript page description language for printing on the laser printer Apple LaserWriter. From 1986 there was also a version for the IBM PC.

Aldus later brought the drawing freehand on the market, which has been licensed by Altsys. In September 1994 came the merger of Aldus and Adobe. Then, Freehand arrived at Macromedia and after the merger of 2005, again to Adobe.

Aldus developed the industry standard TIFF and OPI.


  • PageMaker - desktop publishing
  • Persuasion - Presentation Graphics
  • Tyler Photo - image processing
  • Freehand - drawing program for illustrators and graphic designers
  • Fetch - Administration
  • Preprint - prepress, color correction, and four- color separation
  • PressWise - prepress, digital imposition
  • TrapWise - definition of overcrowding
  • IntelliDraw - drawing program (June 1992)
  • Company (Seattle )
  • Former software manufacturer