Aleksandr Kaleri

  • Mir EO -11   Soyuz TM -14 ( 1992)
  • Soyuz TM- 24 (1996/1997)
  • Soyuz TM -30 ( 2000)
  • ISS Expedition 8
  • ISS Expedition 25
  • ISS Expedition 26

Jurjewitsch Alexander "Sasha " Kaleri (Russian Александр Юрьевич Калери; born May 13, 1956 in Jurmala, Latvian SSR ) is a Russian cosmonaut. Kaleri is married and has one child.

Alexander Kaleri is a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

From 1979 on, he worked for RKK Energia in the development of the Mir space station. He was selected in 1984 as a cosmonaut and flew three long-duration missions to Mir in the years 1992, 1996-1997 and 2000. Subsequently he formed along with Michael Foale, the ISS Expedition 8 to 29 April 2004 to 20 October 2003 International Space Station worked.

When flying Soyuz TMA -01M to the ISS (starting on October 7, 2010 23:10 UTC) he was commander on the ISS, he worked for the expeditions 25 and 26 until March 2011 as the flight engineer.

With 769 days in space Kaleri behind Sergei Krikaljow No. 2 in the rankings of the longest total time in space.

In August 1992 Kaleri the award Hero of the Russian Federation was by a decree of the then Russian President, Boris Yeltsin awarded.