Alex Bueno

Álex Bueno ( born September 6, 1963 in San José de las Matas ) is a Dominican singer and guitarist.

He already began very early to play guitar and sing. At 15, he moved to Santo Domingo. There he took part in the 1978 organized by Wilfrido Vargas Festival De La Voz and was winner of the competition. Then dedicated All Stars him Gerardo Vera in 1979 for its Santo Domingo 's. A little later he recorded a song with Fernando Villalona, but scored only regional success.

In 1982 he recorded the song " Orquesta Liberación " on along with Andrés de Jesús. The album was very successful. In 1999, Alex Bueno " Corazón Duro " and " Bachata A Su Tiempo " on. 2001 Alex Bueno returned with the song " Unicamente Tú ", which was based on a composed by Felipe Valdes folk song.

  • Dominican musician
  • Salsa musicians
  • Guitarist
  • Born in 1963
  • Man