Alex Lynn

Alexander George "Alex" Lynn ( born September 17, 1993, London ) is a British racing driver. He won the 2013 Macau Grand Prix. 2014 he starts in the GP3 Series.


Lynn began his motorsport career in 2005 in karting, where he was active until 2009. In this year he also made ​​his debut for Fortec Motorsport in the Formula Renault Winter Series of the British, which he finished in tenth place. Lynn joined in 2010 with Fortec Motorsport in the British Formula Renault. While his team-mate Tom Blomqvist won the championship, Lynn was charged with a third place as best result tenth. He then went again for Fortec in the winter series of the British Formula Renault at the start. Lynn won three of six races and was his teammate Joni Wiman champion. 2011 Lynn started the season for Giles Motorsport starting in the Toyota Racing Series, the highest single-seater series in New Zealand. He went on to four of five events and chose a race for themselves. In the final standings he was in ninth place, while his teammate Mitch Evans champion. Then he returned to Fortec Motorsport back in the British Formula Renault. Lynn started dominant in the season and scored in the first eight races, seven pole positions and victories. At the end of the season he had to show from 20 races 12 wins, 14 pole positions and 10 fastest laps. With 521 points Lynn eventually won the championship ahead of his team mate Oliver Rowland, who was runner-up with 475 points. In addition, Lynn held four races of the Formula Renault 2.0 Euro to cups. There he achieved a pole position and a second place as best result. In the drivers' standings, he was 14

Early 2012 took Lynn for Team West -Tec in the winter series of the European F3 Open part. He then went 2012 for Fortec Motorsport in the British Formula 3 Championship at the start. He won a race and finished with a total of nine podium placing fourth overall. In addition, he completed for Fortec Motorsport six guest appearances in the Formula 3 Euro Series and went to the Macau Grand Prix. There he was third. Early 2013 took Lynn for M2 Competition in the Toyota Racing Series part. With three wins and nine podium finishes, he was runner-up. With 803 to 915 points he lost to his teammate Nick Cassidy. Then went Lynn in 2013 for the Prema Powerteam in the European Formula 3 Championship at the start. Lynn won three races and drove a total of 14 times on the podium. Lynn reached the third place in the overall standings and thus was subject to his team-mate Raffaele Marciello which decided the championship. In addition, Lynn won with Prema 2013 the Macau Grand Prix and finished second in the Formula 3 Masters.

2014 goes for Lynn Carlin in GP3 Series at the start. In addition, he was inducted in 2014 into the funding of Red Bull.


Career stations

  • 2005-2009: Karting
  • 2009: British Formula Renault Winter Series (No. 10)
  • 2010: British Formula Renault ( 10th place )
  • 2010: British Formula Renault Winter Series (Master)
  • 2011: Toyota Racing Series (No. 9)
  • 2011: British Formula Renault (Master)
  • 2011: Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup ( 14th)
  • 2012: European F3 Open, Winter Series
  • 2012: British Formula 3 (4th place )
  • 2013: Toyota Racing Series (2nd place)
  • 2013: European Formula 3 ( 3rd place)
  • 2014: GP3 Series

Individual results in the European Formula 3 Championship

Individual results in the GP3 Series