Alex Somers

Alex Kendall Somers is an American artist and musician from Baltimore, Maryland. He currently lives with his partner, Jón " Jónsi " Þór Birgisson, singer and guitarist of the band Sigur Rós, in Reykjavik ( Iceland ). Somers is a founding member of the defunct band Parachutes. He has continued with Jónsi Birgisson a project called Jónsi & Alex. From the album Riceboy Sleeps collaboration was born. On the album and during the live tour of his partner, he played guitar. Somers has produced and mixed several CDs and EPs. He also designed the artwork for the band Sismo for their second album La Magia Existe. Alex Somers is a raw food vegan.


Parachutes was a band founded in 2003 as a duo of Alex Somers and Scott Alario. In live performances, the band by an eight-person ensemble of Þórdís Björt Sigþórsdóttir, Tinna Jóhanna Magnusson, Björn Pálmi Pálmason, Kári Hólmar Ragnarsson, Brendan Glasson and Aaron Borucki was supported. The recordings were mostly made in Alex's kitchen, which has been repeatedly experimented with appliances for musical accompaniment. The duo has collaborated among others with Sigur Rós and Amiina. On 13 November 2009, the band announced on their MySpace page, the separation known. At the same time the complete discography was provided as a free download.

Sigur Rós

Alex Somers has designed several album artwork for Sigur Rós. The album cover for " Takk " has found medially the most attention and has been honored in a row with the Best Album Design in 2006 Islandic Music Awards.