Alexander Carlisle

Alexander " Alick " Montgomery Carlisle ( born July 8, 1854 in Ballymena, County Antrim, † March 5, 1926 in London) was an Irish naval architect. He worked from 1870 to 1910 at the shipyard Harland & Wolff. In 1889, he became known as the chief designer of the technically innovative ocean liner RMS Teutonic. His last and most famous work was the construction of the Olympic class. Therefore, he was one of the most responsible for the construction plans of the RMS Titanic. In its mission statement to include the planning of security measures, in particular the equipment of the ship with lifeboats fell. Carlisle spoke in favor of providing the ships of the Olympic class with 64 lifeboats; his superior, Lord William James Pirrie, but came out on top, who had finished only 16 boats, otherwise the promenade deck would be delivered.

Carlisle was still significant, role in the construction of the sister ship of the Titanic, the Olympic. However, he was already in 1910 to its position at Harland & Wolff. After the sinking of the Titanic Carlisle testified before the competent inspection body, and in various civil lawsuits.

  • Shipbuilder
  • Born in 1854
  • Died in 1926
  • Man
  • Titanic