Alexander, Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

Alexander II of Yugoslavia ( Serbian name form: Александар II Карађорђевић / Aleksandar II Karadjordjević ) (* July 17, 1945 in Suite 212 of the Claridge Hotel in London) is the current pretender to the throne of the house of Serbian Karadjordjević.


Alexander was born in London, the only child of the Yugoslav exile King Peter II of the house Karadjordjević and his wife, Princess Alexandra of Greece, daughter of the Greek king Alexander I from the House of Schleswig -Holstein -Sonderburg- Glücksburg and his wife, Aspasia Manos born. The baptism took place in Westminster Abbey, and acted as godfathers King George VI. of Great Britain and his eldest daughter, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the future Queen Elizabeth II

In order to allow for the child's birth on Yugoslav territory, the Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill declared on July 17, 1945 Suite 212 in London's Claridge Hotel for a day to Yugoslav territory. Under the bed is scattered Yugoslav soil, so that the child came into the world on his native soil.

Alexander is not only Serbian citizens, but also has a British passport.


Alexander spent his early childhood in the UK, USA, France and Italy. He attended the Swiss boarding school Le Rosey, then the Culver Military Academy ( Culver, Indiana) and the schools of Gordonstoun and Millfield in England.

After graduating at the Millfield he joined the British Royal Military Academy and was adopted in 1966 as an officer in the British Army. He served in the 16 / 5 The Queen's Royal Lancers and rose to the rank of a Captain. He was stationed in the Middle East, Northern Ireland, Italy and the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1972 he was a British Army ski champion. Shortly thereafter, he left the army. He speaks his native language Serbian, English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

After his father died in Denver on November 3, 1970, Alexander took over his claims to the Yugoslav throne; but renounced the mismatching in exile title " king", but still called " Crown Prince Alexander II of Yugoslavia ".

Alexander's family was returning from exile allowed only after the fall of the Milosevic regime in 2000 after citizens and property rights had been withdrawn in the socialist era of the royal family by decree. Alexander is committed to non-partisan for the democratization of his country and to promote investments. He offered at the same time all politicians of Serbia talks to. The Party of Serbian Renewal SPO Foreign Minister Vuk Draskovic of the former is the restoration of the monarchy towards positive and would support the former Crown Prince.

Marriage and descendants

Alexander married on July 1, 1972 in Seville, the Princess Maria da Glòria Henriette de Orléans - Braganza Dolores Lucia (born 13 December 1946 in Petrópolis, Brazil), daughter of Prince Pedro of Orléans - Braganza Gastão and his wife Princess Maria de la Esperanza of Borbón - Sicily. Maria de Glória is also a cousin of King Juan Carlos I. From this marriage were born three sons:

  • Peter ( born February 5, 1980 in Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  • Philip ( born January 15, 1982 in Fairfax, Virginia, United States)
  • Alexander ( born January 15, 1982 in Fairfax, Virginia, United States)

February 19, 1985 Alexander's marriage to Princess Maria da Glória in Virginia was divorced.

His second wife he married on 20 September 1985 in the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in London, the Greek-born Catherine Claire Batis ( born November 13, 1943). The groomsmen were, among others, the former King of Greece Constantine II and uncle of the groom, Tomislav of Yugoslavia. This marriage is childless.


"The West has maneuvered to the sidelines: He plays a video war game and extremely dangerous. "

"Now a shining moment for Serbia has come to bring order to the house - and according to our own standards. The scale is called Kingdom of the whole of Serbia. "