Alexander John Ellis

Alexander John Ellis ( born as Sharpe ) ( born June 14, 1814 Hoxton, England; † October 28, 1890 in Kensington ) was an English philologist.

In 1825, he had, for financial support of his mother a relative, changed his name to her maiden name. He studied philology and mathematics in Shrewsbury, Eton College and at Trinity College ( Cambridge ) and graduated in 1837 BA

He was then a private person and a writer in London. He made contributions to mathematics, music and philology. In particular, he designed a system of audio typing (see phonology ) and published the Phonetic News.

In 1837 he became a member of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 1864 Royal Society, and in 1865 the London Mathematical Society. He was also Vice President of the Philosophical Society in London in 1886 and Life Governor of University College in London. 1890, he was in Cambridge Litt. D. hon. awarded.

From him comes the important for the music theory unit cents.

  • Philologist
  • Briton
  • English
  • Born in 1814
  • Died in 1890
  • Man