Alexander Leipold

Alexander Leipold (* June 2, 1969 in Alzenau i Ufr. ) Is a former German freestyle wrestler. Leipold is twenty-one -time German champion, four-time European champion and two-time world champion in freestyle wrestling and may after a controversial till today doping verdict at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney, in him the gold medal was stripped to call again the winner of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney wears but not the official title of Olympic champion.

He graduated with a degree in coach at the Coaches Academy Cologne, which he completed in April 2009. First, he was junior national coach for freestyle wrestling, then Freestyle National Coach of the men. From this office he resigned in December 2012. He currently lives with his wife and two sons in the Lower Franconian Karl Stein am Main.


  • Twenty- Multiple German champion
  • Four times European champion
  • Two-time world champion
  • Final winner of the 2000 Olympic Games (Sydney, Australia)
  • Masters World Champion 2005 (Tehran )
  • 2000 ( gold medal ), OS in Sydney, FS, to 76 kg after beating Radion Kertanti, Yosmany Romero, Cuba, Nasir Gadschitschanow, Macedonia, Ui -Je Mun, South Korea and Brandon Slay, United States - Disqualified because positive doping test
  • 2001 19th Place, WM in Sofia, FS, to 76 kg after a defeat against Revas Minoraschwili, Georgia and a win over Volodymyr Syrotyn, Ukraine
  • 2002, 3rd place, World Cup in Spokane, FS, to 74 kg behind Joe E. Williams, U.S. and Irbek Farnijew, Russia
  • 2002 6th place European Championships in Baku, FS, to 74 kg after beating Radion Kertanti and Theodossios Pavlidis, Greece and a defeat against Arpad Ritter
  • 2002 10th Place, WM in Tehran, FS, to 74 kg after a victory over David Cuba, Peru and defeats Elchad Allachwerdijew, Azerbaijan and Magomed Isagaschijew, Russia
  • 2003 2nd place European Championships in Riga, FS, to 74 kg after beating Carlos Dominguez Fernandez, Spain, Sihamir Osmanow, Macedonia and Sajur Botajew, Russia and a defeat against Arpad Ritter
  • 2004 9th place European Championships in Ankara, FS, to 74 kg after a victory over Semih Arslan, Belgium and a defeat against Emzarios Bentinidis, Greece

Doping scandal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney

Although he with a clear victory (4-0 ) over the American Brandon Slay won the gold medal at the 2000 Olympics, he had three days later give the title Olympic champion and the medal again, as ten times the permissible of the substance nandrolone in his blood was found. However, the case against him was waiting with some inconsistencies:

  • At the time of the test, the crucial B sample had 35 ml more content than before at the time of delivery: 50 ml at discharge compared with 85 ml of the test. On a related thereto opposition Leipolds the rest of this sample was suddenly nowhere to be found.
  • The substance nandrolone had demonstrably brought in the determined concentration ( the thousandth of a tablet) no competition advantages Leipold.
  • Nandrolone, a substance similar to testosterone, can be produced endogenous also in the increased concentration well. Leipold had suffered a testicular contusion in a competition before. In this context, again generally were allegations the maximum allowed value for nandrolone was set arbitrarily and simply bears no meaningful relation to the value at which the material actually starts to increase performance.

However, Leipold has been banned in the last instance for one year, the cost of the procedure, however, did not have to bear themselves. Since his case in limbo between a per se lawful won sporting victory on the one hand and the condemnation by the sports governing organizations depends on the other hand, is Leipold lawful winner of the 2000 Olympic Games, however, may now indeed again call in Sydney, for legal reasons do not bear the official title of Olympic champion. The gold medal also remained in possession of his American Final opponent.

This and that

Due to a severe viral disease and the resulting overreaction his immune system Leipold suffered in July 2003 on a competitive travel in Uzbekistan a stroke, which shortly thereafter during treatment in Germany two more followed. From the temporary loss of speech and movement ability, however, he was able to recover relatively quickly.

In the spring of 2014 he took part along with the professional dancer Oana Nechiti on the seventh season of Let 's Dance.


  • 2013: Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany