Alexander Murski

Alexander Alexandrovich Murski (Russian Александр Александрович Мурский; born November 1, 1869 in St. Petersburg, Russian Empire, † April 1943 in Toulouse, France) was a Russian actor.

Life and work

Murski played since the end of the 19th century mainly small Russian theaters. From 1901-03 he is detectable at Moscow's Maly Theatre. Due to the revolutionary turmoil in 1917 came Murski with an entourage of numerous other Tsarist stage artists to Germany. In February 1922 he went with a Russian troupe on tour with Ferenc Molnár's The Devil the first time to France (Paris).

At the same time Murski began to film intensively in Berlin in the early 20s. Successes came mainly in roles as Honoratior and respected person: He was in 1925 a judge in The Island of Dreams, 1926 Attorney in Attorney Jordan, 1927 Prime Minister in The Mistress of the Governor, 1928, the Director Two red roses and in 1929 a banker the flight in the Foreign Legion and Sir Charles Baskerville in the hound of the Baskervilles. Often you put Murski but also as Russians in literary, dramatic and historic materials a, such as in The Queen of Spades, Rasputin's amorous adventures, shenanigans of an Empress, The White Devil, So Long ' still a waltz by Strauss sounds, Secret Service, The case of the General Staff Colonel Redl and The Flute Concert of Sans- souci.

Disqualified by the Nazis as a full Jew, fled as a result Murski Hitler came to power in France, where in Paris it is demonstrably again since 1939. In the same year he was repeatedly used in performances exile Russian theater practitioners and also staged pieces, such as Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky wolves and sheep. Until March 1940 are Murskis artistic activities in the context of so-called creative evenings in exile circles of Russian cultural events, held at the Russian Conservatory, detectable in Paris.

With the German invasion of France, he is probably gone underground. Alexander Murski died in 1943 in southern France Toulouse.