Alexander Sauli

Alexander Sauli (* February 15, 1534 in Milan, Italy, † October 11, 1593 in Calosso, Asti, Italy Province ) was an Italian bishop and saint.

Alexander Sauli, who came from a distinguished noble family, who had moved to the beginning of the 14th century from Lucca to Genoa, in 1554 a member of the Barnabiterordens and received priestly ordination in 1556. In 1560 he obtained a doctorate in theology. In Pavia, he worked from 1563 as a professor of philosophy and theology. 1567 Sauli was elected Superior General, in February 1570 he was appointed bishop of Aleria in Corsica, where he is known for his successful ministry as " Apostle of Corsica ". 1591 took over Alexander Sauli the episcopate of Pavia. He died during a visitation in Calosso d' Asti.

Alexander Sauli was beatified in 1704 and canonized in 1904. He is considered the patron saint of Corsica, Pavia and Genoa.