Alexander Wesselsky

Wesselsky Alexander ( born November 18, 1968 in Augsburg ) is a German singer and television presenter. He is also known as " Alexx " or " The Checker ". Wesselsky is the founder of the band Megaherz and icebreakers.

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Wesselsky attended primary school in Eichenau and entered 1979 on the Viscardi High School in Fürstenfeldbruck. Berufsbegleitende he studied at the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing with a degree in media marketers (BAW ) and then studied humanities (history, English, German, media studies ) with a degree in MA Phil

For several years he has been living in Fürstenfeldbruck.


In 1985, he played in his first band " Dale Arden " as the frontman and bassist. In addition, he created together with his band mates Jochen " Noel Pix " Seibert four songs for the German version of the Pokémon franchise. With the Munich rock band IFF he recorded the song Queen of the Night on.


Alex Wesselsky founded in 1993 Marc Bredtmann (guitar), Joseph Kalleder ( electric bass), Tobias Trinkl (drums ) and Christian Scharinger (keyboard) in Munich, the band Megaherz. He was until 2003 the lead singer, composer and lyricist of the band. The band is assigned to the New German hardness.


After the separation of Megaherz Wesselsky founded in 2003 together with Jochen " Noel Pix " Seibert, the band icebreaker, which is also attributed to the New German hardness.


The Checker

The Checker is a television program that is produced by the television channel DMAX. Alex Wesselsky mimed doing the title character, who was traveling with the same name American Taxi Model Checker Cab. On behalf of a customer he had each different cars " checked " and then chose one of which has subsequently been completely serviced and passed. He was supported in this by Lina van de Mars. 2010 was the eighth season, after their completion Wesselsky left the show.

Fort Boyard

In the fourth season of the German adventure show Fort Boyard, which was filmed by the production company for cable TV safe one in 2010, Wesselsky moderated on the side of "ran" presenter Andrea Kaiser. In the show, two celebrity trio for a good cause compete against each other. The nine episodes were erstausgestrahlt between 11 January and March 2011.

Used car

As of September 10, 2011 per a consequence of the new used car series car was broadcast on cable one to two Saturdays needed. Other formats Wesselsky on one cable are also planned.

Order Car

Since March 2013 Wesselsky can be seen on Sport 1, together with the Swiss racing driver Cyndie Allemann.