Alexander Willem Frederik Idenburg

Alexander Willem Frederik Idenburg ( born July 23, 1861 in Rotterdam, † February 28, 1935 in The Hague ) was a leading politician of the Anti- Revolutionary Party ( ARP) of the Netherlands in the first half of the 20th century. The ARP was the first Christian- democratic Party of the Netherlands. Idenburg was also an important ideologue of the ethical policy in the Dutch East Indies. He had completed his military career in what is now Indonesia and became in 1901 deputy of the Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament. In 1902 he accepted the appointment as minister of the colonies. He was also governor of Suriname, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, member of the First Chamber and the State Council.

In 1923, the honorary title of Minister of State, he was awarded. His son, Peter John Abraham Idenburg (1896-1976), was from 1950-1956 Secretary General of the Dutch -Indonesian Union