Alexandre du Chayla

Count Alexandre de Armand Blanquet du Chayla (* 1885 in Saint- Légier -La Chiésaz, † 1945) was a French nobleman.

You were born as a descendant of an old noble family Chayla Catholic Lyon. After he is supposed to be converted to the Orthodox Church in 1905, he traveled to Russia in 1909 and settled in Optina Pustyn monastery. Here lived at the same time, Sergei Nilus. This, as you Chayla later claimed, had confided him to his true publisher of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, after he had a corresponding manuscript by Pyotr Rachkovsky, head of the foreign department of the Russian secret Okhrana obtained.

By 1920 you Chayla led an eventful life mainly in Russia, took part in the Russian Civil War, was arrested in 1920 and was to be executed. Under adventurous circumstances, he was released and returned to Lyon. From this period there are descriptions that you Chayla described as anti-Semites and enemies of the Freemasons. Apparently, his attitude changed later, as he has expressed in the twenties and thirties against fascism and anti-Semitism and to have been a member of a Masonic Lodge.

On 29 October 1934 he appeared as a witness of the plaintiff in the Bernese process. In its expertise with the title Souvenirs sur SA Nilus et les origines of ' protocoles des Sages de Sion ' (1909-1920), which was largely identical to his, published in 1921 memoirs, he claimed to have been inaugurated by Sergei Nilus in the true origin of the protocols.

However, many of the biographical data you Chaylas are controversial, especially the veracity of his statements in the Bernese process.