Alexandru Chipciu

Alexandru Mihăiţă Chipciu ( born May 18, 1989 in Brăila ) is a Romanian football player. He is since January 2012 Steaua Bucharest under contract.



In 2006 came Chipciu in the squad for the first team of FC Braşov, who played in the League II. In the first two years, he came infrequently used and had thus to collect only a small role in the rise in 2008. Match practice, he was in the summer of 2008, first at local rivals Forex Braşov, after the withdrawal of the club at his hometown club CF Brăila in the League III borrowed. In the summer of 2009 he returned to Braşov, but came 31 Matchday until the 2009/10 season for the first time used. In the season 2010/11 he was able to fight for a regular place.

During the winter break of 2011/12 Chipciu Braşov left and moved on to record champions Steaua Bucharest. There he won the championship in 2013 with his first title.


Chipciu belonged to the Romanian national team for the first time in a friendly against San Marino on 10 August 2011, when he played a half. After him coach Victor Piţurcă nominated again until November 2011. In the friendly against Greece while it succeeded to make the score 3-1 final score. Chipciu was nominated only irregularly in the sequence. Since October 2012, he firmly belongs in the squad, but acts mostly as a substitute.


  • Romanian Cup: 2013
  • Promotion to League 1: 2008