Alexey Stakhanov

Alexei Grigoryevich Stakhanov (Russian Алексей Григорьевич Стаханов, scientific transliteration Aleksei Stakhanov Grigor'evič; born December 21 1905jul / January 3 1906greg in Lugovaya in Oryol, .. † 5 November 1977, in Torez in Donetsk ) promoted on 31 August 1935 in a coal mine as Hauer in the Donets Basin in a layer 102 tons of coal. Thus he fulfilled the help of seven Zuarbeitern who stood by his side, the valid work standard 13-fold. However, it is assumed that the actual funded amount of coal was below the then propagated value. Evenly converted to him and his Zuarbeiter, still results in a standard overachievement of 75 percent.

As a result, organized trade unions and the Communist Party, the Stakhanov movement, to increase labor productivity in the Soviet Union by making him into a model worker.

Stakhanov had begun in the Zeche Central Well Irmino 1927 as a laborer, then was Hauer and rose to the passing with distinction examination of the so -called " state technical minimum " and one about the handling of a modern mining hammer in the league of " shock workers" ( Udarniki ). So were his daily mining standards already at ten to 12 tons instead of at the usual seven tons.

The reward for his record performance was, in addition to the increased by the performance fee, in a bonus of one month's salary. He got a new house with a telephone and fine furniture, spa breaks and with his wife a place of honor in the clubhouse.

After his record, he was Head of Socialist competition in the Ministry of Coal Industry. One is aggravating alcohol problem and resulting incidents eventually led to an ultimatum to leave Moscow within 24 hours. He then worked as an assistant to a colliery engineer. The All-Union Conference on the fortieth anniversary of the Stakhanov movement he had to stay away. Stakhanov died lonely and depressed as an alcoholic, but was hailed by the Soviet leadership as a human model, and received the 1970 Order " Hero of Socialist Labor ". After his death, the city ostukrainische Kadijiwka was in 1978 renamed " Stakhanovite ".

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