Alexis Bœuf

Alexis Boeuf ( born March 4, 1986 in Chambéry ) is a French biathlete.

Alexis Boeuf began in 2000 with the sport of biathlon. He starts for CS La Feclaz and is coached by Remi Bouchet. The Chamberyer ran his first international race in 2004 as part of the European Junior Cup. In Kontiolahti he took in 2005 for the first time at a World Youth Championship and arrived placements 15 to 24 In the following season, the young Frenchman in Ridnaun won his first race in the Junior European Cup. At the Junior World Cup in 2006 in Presque Isle, he finished not only with eighth place in the sprint and nine in pursuit of good grades, but won with Vincent Jay, Damien Gehin and Arnaud Langel the gold medal in the relay race. With Jean Guillaume Beatrix Gehin for the season shortly thereafter won the Junior European Championships in Langsdorf bronze. Boeuf also finished sixth in the sprint and eighth in the pursuit. At the last World Youth Championships in 2007 in Martell ninth place was the best result in the pursuit. Seven won Boeuf race of the Junior European Cups, two more times, he stood on the podium.

Since the 2007/ 08 season Boeuf runs in the seniors. He first started in Biathlon European Cup. Even at the second station in Torsby the Frenchman was able to run in third place on the podium in the sprint. In Bansko in the pursuit and in Langsdorf in individual he could occupy second places. Due to the good results, he was nominated by the French Association for the World Cup races in Pyeongchang. Boeuf took his chance and won after a 38th place in the sprint in 16th pursuing its first World Cup points. For the first time on the podium was Alexis Boeuf in third place in the season 2009/2010 in a single in Antholz. The following season he won his first World Cup race with a Pursuit in Presque Isle. Behind the Fourcade brothers Martin and Simon and Vincent Jay, he was able to establish in the season as one of the four best French biathlete.

In the Biathlon World Championships 2013 in Nové Město na Moravě Boeuf finished sixth, in the pursuit after two penalties, the eighth in individual 27 and the Mass Start 28th place in the sprint. He won two silver medals, one with the men's relay, and one with the mixed relay.

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