Alexis Georgoulis

Alexis Georgoulis ( born October 6, 1974 in Larissa) is a Greek actor and film director who is known especially for his role in the Greek series You are my mate ( gr Eisai To Tairiet Mou ). He had his first international appearance in the film My Big Fat Greek Summer.


Georgoulis was born as the third of five children. His mother worked as a teacher, his father sold lottery tickets. 1993 Georgoulis began his studies at the " National Technical University of Athens ," In 1996, he participated in acting classes at the Greek drama schools "Stage -Craft " and " Theatre of Changes" part. In 1997 he graduated with excellent results a course at the school, " Jasmine ", founded by the famous Greek actor Vasilis Diamantopoulos, from.


1997 Georgoulis first appeared with the dance group " Herois " in the play Carmen 33 (1997 ) and The Return ( 1998) on. He also had roles in the television series Alice in Wonderland (1997) and in Death Agony (1998) and the short film No One's Rose. He was known primarily for his appearance in the series No one 's mates in 2001.