Alfa Romeo 1900

Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina

The Alfa Romeo 1900 is an automobile model of the company Alfa Romeo, which was produced by the fall of 1950 until late summer 1959.

The designed by Orazio Satta Puglia notchback sedan Berlina, which was the basis for several coupes and other variants, was presented in October 1950 to the Motor Show in Paris. It was the first new model of the company after the Second World War, his first on an assembly line produced and its first with a monocoque body.


The four-cylinder engine was newly developed. He initially had a displacement of 1884 cc ( bore 82.55 mm, stroke 88 mm ) and performed in the simplest version of 59 kW (80 hp). A special feature was the two overhead camshafts, which were driven by chains and the engine made ​​very lively. In 1954, the displacement was at 1975 cm ³ drilled (hole then 84.5 mm) and increased the power to 66 kW (90 hp). To distinguish the models were called then from 1900 Super. For additional power, there was a variant with the symbol " ti" ( Turismo Internationale), the 74 kW (100 hp) and a Super 85 kW made ​​(115 hp).


The four-door Berlina quickly became popular with high-earning fathers of families who wanted to operate motor sport or pretend. In advertising, it was the Alfa Romeo 1900 " la berlina che vince le corse " ( German: " the sedan, the race wins" ). This was not even very exaggerated, because the tip speed of the four-door model for the then remarkable 160 to 170 km / h. The sporty Sedan 1900 Super ti even reached 180 km / h

An independent suspension with double wishbones at the front axle and the relatively favorable weight of just 1000 kg underline the sportive character. Only the four-speed column shifter does not quite fit into the picture.

In very small quantities, it was for representative purposes under the name " Lunga " is also a long-wheelbase variant as well as a rare two-door version called " Primavera ".

A total of 17,390 Berlinas were produced, of which 1095 in the fast ti version.

Coupes, convertibles and other variants

On a shortened floor assembly with two-door coupes and some reinforcements elegant convertibles on behalf of Alfa Romeo were made ​​by Touring. With the model change for the super version, the models were reviewed and a distinction is therefore a first and a second series. But other automotive designers such as Pininfarina, Zagato and Ghia models featured a two-door convertibles and coupes as forth on the basis of the 1900s. As the model designation, these vehicles received the abbreviation 1900C for corto ( short wheelbase ) and the addition of " Sprint " or just " S". They combined elegance and sportiness. The top speed was 180 km / h or more. Even then, these cars were not cheap. An Alfa Romeo 1900C Super Sprint 1954 in Germany cost about 31,000 mark, which is about 2,000 more than a Mercedes -Benz 300 SL Gullwing. Total 1,808 Sprint produced.

Other variants were the SUV Matta and various prototypes, such as the Disco Volante or the Batmobile.

End of production

Early 1958 joined the Alfa Romeo 2000, the successor of the 1900 series of which was also offered as a Berlina, Sprint and convertible ( "Spider ").

From 1960 to 1962, the 1900 sedan was further expanded under the name " IKA Berg Antin " by Industrias Kaiser Argentina in Argentina, however, equipped with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder or 3.7 - liter six-cylinder engines ( Bergantin Super 6 ). It originated there 7,998 vehicles with four cylinder engines and 353 Super 6

Model Gallery

1900C Super Sprint Touring ( 1954-1959 )

1900C Super Sprint Touring ( 1954-1959 )

1900 CSS Zagato

1900C SS Zagato

Alfa Romeo 1900C SS Ghia (1954 )

1900C SS Ghia Speciale (1955 )