Alfa Romeo 2000

Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider ( 1957-1962 )

As the successor of the type 1900 Alfa Romeo was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1957 for the first time the 2000 series. Early 1958 began the sale.

The series initially consisted of two models:

  • " Berlina " (No. 102.00 ): four-door notchback sedan (from Alfa Romeo themselves manufactured at Portello )
  • "Spider" (No. 102.04 ): two-door convertible (designed by Felice Bianchi Anderloni and manufactured by the Italian Carrozzeria Touring)

Only in the spring of 1960 was followed by the two-door coupe Sprint (No. 102.05 ), which was produced at the company Bertone and designed by the then young Giorgio Giugiaro.


The technical data of the vehicles were very remarkable for its time. The 4-cylinder engines (1975 cc ) had two overhead camshafts and two double carburetors. The power was 115 hp ( Berlina: 105 hp) and the top speed 175 km / h ( Berlina: 160 km / h). Five-speed gearbox and a modern suspension rounded out the picture.

Unlike the smaller Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the great market success, however, failed to materialize because the vehicles were relatively expensive ( Spider 1958: 2.5 million lire). In the case of the sedan, the design did not meet the taste of the time. A brand typically sporty character was also missing. In addition to European markets, the 2000s were mainly sold to the USA, but also to South Africa and Australia. The following quantities were prepared according to standard source " fusion ", where in the literature but also appear slightly different numbers.

  • Sedan: 2927
  • Spider: 3445
  • Sprint: 706

Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina ( 1957-1962 )

Cockpit of the 2000 Berlina


As the successor to the Alfa Romeo 2600 came on the market, the first replaced the spider and a year later, both Sprint and Berlina from spring 1961. The differences were mainly a more powerful six -cylinder engine and various changes to the body. Today, the 2000 and the 2600 are mainly in the elegant Spider version you're looking for classic cars.

The production of the Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina was from the beginning of 1961 by the Brazilian company Fábrica Nacional de Motores ( FNM) at Rio de Janeiro under the name FNM continued in 2000 until well into the 70s. The engines were of FNM to 2.15 liters, later enlarged to 2.3 liters, and the body has been modified several times.

The brand name "2000" in 1750 used from mid-1971 Alfa Romeo for the type series Alfa Romeo again.