Alfa Romeo 8C

The Alfa Romeo 8C are an automobile series from the Italian manufacturer Alfa Romeo, which was produced from 1931 to 1939. She was a further development of the same series built 6C. The term 8C stands for eight-cylinder.

8C 2300

The engine capacity was initially in 2336 cc. Accordingly, these vehicles were called 8C 2300., The eight- cylinder engine developed from the coupling of two four-cylinder engines. Two overhead camshafts and an aluminum cylinder head were a sign of the sporting ambitions of the construction. As standard, this engine made ​​142 hp, in the Monza racing version of 178 hp.

The structure was made not by Alfa Romeo, but according to the customer by body corporate: Zagato, Touring, Castagna, Pininfarina, Figoni, Vanden Plas and others. Two wheelbases 2750 and 3100 mm were available. In the racing version of the 8C achieved in the 1930s, numerous successes. So from 1931 to 1934 four victories were achieved in a row at Le Mans. Tazio Nuvolari, Rudolf Caracciola, René Dreyfus and others founded the then world-wide fame of the brand Alfa Romeo 8C on the models. In addition to the racing car also very elegant coupes and convertibles for wealthy customers arisen because the cars were very expensive.

Until 1934 188 car types 8C 2300 were produced.


8C 2900

The successor was the 1935 8C 2900 with independently suspended front wheels. Besides race cars for motorsports created elegant, technically sophisticated individual vehicles. The top speed is 185 km / h By 1939, 30 vehicles were ( other sources call 43) built. Today, the 8C among the most expensive vintage cars on the market.