Alfa Romeo G1

The Alfa Romeo G1 came 1921 on the market. The car manufacturer Alfa Romeo wanted to add in addition to the pre-war constructions of the type HP 20-30 its model range upward through a prestigious sedan. While previous models have been developed still under the original company name of " ALFA ", one can therefore speak from the G1 first name real " Alfa Romeo ".

It was designed by Giuseppe Merosi, with Enzo Ferrari, who works driver for Alfa Romeo was at the time, contributed the essential suggestions on this project. Under the hood was the first six-cylinder Alfa Romeo. With an initial cubic capacity of 6567 cc of the engine delivered 65 bhp at 1750 rpm. A little later the engine was reworked, now with 6330 cc he developed 70 hp at 2100 rpm. The top speed was 120 km / h

The G1 was not a success. For the former needs the car got too big with a wheelbase of 3.4 meters. With rising gasoline prices, the cost of acquisition and maintenance of the customers have been assessed as too high. Also for racing, the car was used, but with only moderate success. Thus, only 52 vehicles were sold from 1921 to 1922, of which allegedly now only one exists in New Zealand.

As a scaled-down version of the G1 's successor type G2 was developed in 1923. With produced around 100 pieces also remained from the success.