Alfa Romeo Matta

The Matta was a four-wheel drive SUV of Alfa Romeo. The official name was 1.900 m with the two versions of AR 51 and AR 52 for the military for civil works, with the two models, however, hardly be distinguished. The abbreviation AR was not for Alfa Romeo but for Autovetture because Ricognizione ( German: scout cars ). The name Matta is the Italian " astray ". This name was given to the car later from the market.

The Italian Ministry of Defense wanted the early 50s a replacement for the American jeeps and instructed the state-owned enterprises Alfa Romeo with the construction of a successor. Similarities to previously published English Land Rover are unmistakable. The technical basis of the Alfa Romeo was in 1900, so the Matta was probably the only SUV which was equipped with an engine with two overhead camshafts. The performance of the vehicle was 65 hp, because the compression was reduced compared to the 1900s civil version. A Matta has even participated in the 1952 Mille Miglia.

The design engineer of the car, Giuseppe Busso, presented his creation not in a typical off-road environment but let him climb stairs. Before critical audience he defeated with the first prototype on 5 October 1951, the stairs of the basilica in Assisi pilgrimage.

The Matta was built from 1952 to 1954, of which 2007 pieces for the Italian military and civilian versions 154. From 1954 onwards, the army moved to the technically simpler and cheaper Fiat Campagnola.