Alfonso II, Count of Provence

Alfonso II (* 1180, † February 2nd 1209 in Palermo, Sicily) was of the house of Barcelona from 1185 to 1209, Count de Provence.


Alfonso II was born as Alfons Berengar and was entitled Infant. His parents were King Alfonso II of Aragon and his wife Sancha of Castile. His older brother Peter II was King of Aragon.

He was raised by his father in 1185 to Mitgraf Provence and ruled it together with his uncles Raymond Berengar and Sancho. From 1195 he reigned alone.

Marriage and issue

Alfonso married in 1193 in Aix -en- Provence Gersende, Countess and heiress of Forcalquier ( 1180-1218 ), daughter of Raymond I de Sabran, Sire de Caylar and his wife Gersende, Countess of Forcalquier. With his wife Alfonso had two children:

  • Ramon Berenguer V. (1198-1245), Count of Provence
  • Gersende († 1263 ) ∞ Guillaume II de Moncada, Vicomte de Béarn