Alfortville is a commune in Paris with 44,550 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the department of Val -de- Marne in the Île- de -France region. It exists since 1 April 1885. At that time she separated from Maisons- Alfort, after the municipality was cut by the railway line Paris -Lyon in two parts.


The community was essentially rural in nature until the late 19th century and then grew very strongly in 1900 due to industrialization. Since the Second World War, the population increased from around 30,000 to over 40,000. Alfortville took during the genocide of the Armenians in many Armenian refugees, so are still many residents of the city of Armenian origin. Her most famous football club, the UJA Alfortville, was also out of this population group. 1984 led the Grey Wolf Abdullah Catli here and the Turkish intelligence service a bomb attack on the memorial to the genocide of the Armenians by.


The community is three miles long and only a half to one kilometer wide. The neighboring municipalities are Vitry -sur -Seine, Ivry- sur -Seine, Charenton- le -Pont, Maisons- Alfort, Créteil and Choisy- le- Roi.

The municipality is bounded on the west by the Seine, in the north by the River Marne, on the east by the railway line Paris -Lyon and the south by the A86 motorway.


The municipality is governed by a mayor since 1965, the French Socialist Party (PS). 1988-2012 was René Rouquet at the top of the local authorities, since 2012 it is Luc Carvounas.

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