Alfred Asikainen

Alfred Johan " Alppo " Asikainen ( born February 11, 1888 in Viipuri, † January 7, 1942 ) was a Finnish wrestler.

Asikainen came from Viipuri, Viborg today in Russia. He wrestled for the club Viipurin VPK: n Tarmo. In March 1910 he won in the theater of Pori, the Finnish Championship light heavyweight. Although Finland was joined in a personal union with the Russian Empire since 1809, the Finnish athletes were allowed to compete under its own flag since 1908. At the World Championships in Helsinki in 1911 Asikainen won gold in front of Anders Ahlgren of Sweden and his compatriot Arvo Lumme. A year later, he took part in the Summer Olympic Games in Sweden, where he won behind Claes Johansson (Sweden ) and Martin Klein of Russia bronze. The battle between Asikainen and Klein took eleven hours and 40 minutes and ended late in the evening with the victory by Klein's decision. Small waived the next day on a fight for the gold medal against Claes Johansson and won silver before Asikainen.


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