Alfred Dorfer

Alfred Strand ( born October 11, 1961 in Vienna) is an Austrian cabaret artist and actor.

He is one of the most famous comedians in Austria, not least because of his commitment to numerous Austrian film productions. After the initial success with the group Schlabarett he gained alongside Josef Hader to star in the film India on regional notoriety.


In 1980, Alfred villages the high school and began to study theater studies and German at the University of Vienna. Two years later, he broke off his studies to begin in Herwig Seeböck and Reinhard Tötschinger a drama school. In 2005 he took up the study again and graduated in 2007 from. While he was in his thesis (title: Cabaret and totalitarianism ) grappled with National Socialism and the GDR, he expanded the subject in his thesis on fascism in Italy and the Vichy regime in France. The title of his doctoral dissertation was satire in restrictive systems of Europe in the 20th century.


Villages turned to acting in 1982 and dedicated in 1983 at the Theater in der Josefstadt with " Christina's home ," 1989, in " Rikiki " ( Cami ) at the Vienna Festival. In 1990 he was the director at " Educating Rita " with Seeböck / Mottl for the popular theater in the suburbs, in the following year saw the play in India, which he had co-authored with Josef Hader and was awarded the main prize of the Austrian cabaret price.


After the initial success with the cabaret group Schlabarett since 1984, villages joined in 1989 along with Josef Hader in common cabaret "leisure Mass". As of 1993, the first three solo programs "Happy " emerged, " No power " and " bathing conclusion ". After an extensive tour through Austria and Germany followed in 2000 by his fourth solo program " ", which was in 2002 awarded the German cabaret prize. The premiere of " foreign" in Munich Lustspielhaus villages had " hitherto " on 14 March 2006, since the end of 2010 he is touring with his latest. He has appeared alongside many event venues in the German-speaking world, among others in December 2011 on 20 Arosa Comedy Festival.

Solo programs

  • Bisjetzt (2010-2013)
  • Alien (2006)
  • (2000)
  • Bathing Final (1996 )
  • No power (1994 )
  • Happy (1993 )

Film and Television

1993 Alfred villages held a starring role in the film India under the direction of Paul Harather. The following year, the movie Mother and 1995 free play followed under the direction of Harald Sicheritz. Then he took over in Vienna Qualtinger the lead role. In 1999, the movie Wanted and 2003 ravioli follows.

1998 launched the television sitcom MA 2412, in the villages is the figure of Mr. Weber. 2003, the series was with the movie MA 2412 - completed the public servants.