Alfred Meebold

Alfred Charles Meebold ( born September 29, 1863 in Heidenheim an der Brenz, † January 6, 1952 in Havelock North, New Zealand ) was a German botanist, writer and anthroposophist.


Alfred Meebold was born in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Wuerttemberg. He came to round out his training to Lausanne and from England. Only during and a short time after the First World War, he devoted himself to his father's firm ( Württemberg Cattunmanufactur ) in difficult times. When he seemed superfluous, he traveled again.

With 40 years of Schwabe came to Rudolf Steiner. For a long time we find it at the Rudolf Steiner Nachreisenden in to hear his lectures and lecture cycles. Alfred Meebold had a comprehensive education. He was a diligent writer who wrote mainly novels and short stories. Especially his book India ( 1907) received wide attention. Two new species of plants found by him from the Himalayas and from Western Australia bear his name. In the Heidenheim time he has reached a large circle of people for anthroposophy and the threefold in his hometown; especially in the working class up to Göppingen, Geislingen and Ulm.

The age of 75 he left home again to visit friends in New Zealand. His return to Germany was interrupted by the outbreak of war. He lived for six years as Hawaii. In 1946 he again went to New Zealand. There he decided his life in 1952 in Havelock North.


  • The awakening of the soul (Munich, 1907 Piper )
  • Sarolta (Berlin -Leipzig- Vienna, 1908, Deutsches Haus )
  • India ( Munich, 1908, Piper )
  • The path to the spirit (Munich, 1917 and 1920, Piper )
  • Irrmansdorf ( Heidenheim, 1920; Basel, 1927)
  • The botanical wanderer ( Sopron, 1920, 1931)
  • Hotel moss forest (Basel, 1928)
  • Between eleven and Engel ( Sopron, 1933, Röttig - Romwalter )
  • Course on Introduction to Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy. 6 lectures in Vienna, 1931. (Vienna, 1936, handwriting)