Alfred Moquin-Tandon

Christian Horace Bénédict Alfred Moquin - Tandon, pseudonym of Alfred Fredol, ( born May 7, 1804 in Montpellier, † April 15, 1863 in Paris) was a French zoologist, botanist, natural historian, physician and journalist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Moq. ". ; at times was also the abbreviation " Moq. Trinkets. " In use.


Moquin - Tandon began his career as a simple copyist and cashiers in the trading house Moquin - Tandon & Co. .. Later he studied (1789-1856), in particular at the botanist Michel Félix Dunal and acquired on December 9, 1826 science doctorate, on 18 August 1828 doctor of Medicine. First he taught from 1829 to 1830 Zoology at the Gymnasium ( Athénée ) of Marseille, 1833-1838, he was then at the Faculty of Sciences in Toulouse professor of natural history, 1838-1852 Professor of Botany. From 1834 to 1852 he was also director of the Botanical Garden in Toulouse. In 1850, the French government sent him to Corsica, to explore the island's flora. In 1853 he moved to Paris, where he taught the natural history of medicine, later director of the Jardin des Plantes and in 1854 a member of the Académie des Sciences was.

Moquin - Tandons specialty were leeches and mollusks, of which he first described more.

In his publications Moquin - Tandon used various pseudonyms. From his humor following anecdote is narrated: In 1836 he is in the work of Toulouse Carya magalonensis out ( reprinted 1844), where he spent there as a manuscript from the early 14th century. He related to the Romance language in a special, then spoken to Toulouse variant and put the work of only 50 numbered copies on. This he adorned with a " facsimile " of the alleged original manuscript, lithographed, gilt and colored them by hand. The illusion was so perfect that even experts could be misleading for Romance language.


( not exhaustive)

  • Mémoires sur l' oologie, ou sur les œufs des animaux (Paris, 1824).
  • Essai sur les multiplications dédoublemens ou d' organes dans les végétaux (Montpellier, 1826).
  • Monograph de la famille the Hirudinées ( Gabon, Paris, 1827).
  • L' Histoire naturelle des îles Canaries (Paris, 1836-1844 ), together with Philip Barker Webb and Sabin Berthelot.
  • Moquin - Tandon directed the publication of two volumes Las Flor del gay saber ... (Toulouse, 1841).
  • Éléments de Teratology végétale, ou Histoire abrégée the anomalies de l' organization dans les végétaux ( PJ Loss, Paris, 1841); translated into German by Johannes Conrad Schauer (1813-1848) under the title: Plant - Teratology, doctrine of the irregular growth and form of plants ( Haude and Spener, Berlin, 1842).
  • Histoire naturelle of Mollusques terrestres et fluviatile de France, contenant of études générales sur leur et leur anatomy physiology et la description particulière of genres, the espèces et des variétés (3 volumes, J.-B. Baillière, Paris, 1855).
  • Éléments de zoology médicale, contenant la description des animaux à la médecine et des utiles espèces nuisibles à l' homme ( J.-B. Baillière, Paris, 1860, 2nd edition 1862).
  • Éléments de botanique médicale, contenant la description of végétaux utiles à la médecine et des espèces nuisibles à l' homme ( J.-B. Baillière, Paris, 1861, 2nd edition 1866).
  • With the participation of Isidore Geoffroy Saint- Hilaire, published under the pseudonym of Alfred Fredol: Le Monde de la mer (E. Martinet, Paris, 1863, a number of other conditions in L. Hachette, 1865, 1866 and 1881). Numerous illustrations by various artists, mainly from Lacerbauer and Riocreux.
  • Un naturaliste à Paris 1834 notes sur mon séjour à Paris, reprint 1999 Sciences en situation, number " Sens de l' histoire ", ISBN 2908965119th ( About a trip to Paris, where he met with many contemporary scientists, which he then in these memories strongly criticized ).


The plant genera Moquinia DC. from the sunflower family ( Asteraceae ) and Moquiniella Balle from the family of belt flower plants ( Loranthaceae ) have been named after him.