Alfred Rieche

Friedrich Robert Alfred smell ( born April 28, 1902 in Dortmund, † 6 November 2001 in Berlin) was a German chemist.

Life and work

Smell came as the son of a chemist Karl Louis Berthold Alfred smell and his wife Margarete Julie Fanny, born tree in Dortmund to the world. Soon after, the family moved to Bernburg in Saxony -Anhalt, where his father started a small pharmaceutical factory. At his father's request, he visited after three years of preschool the Bernburger grammar school Carolinum, but then changed her Charles Realgymsasium. He studied from 1921 at the University of Greifswald in 1925 phil chemistry and as an academic student of Rudolf Pummerer at Erlangen University with a thesis " About singlet oxygen " to the Dr.. doctorate. In 1933 he moved to the large-scale chemical industry to IG Colors in Wolfen. In 1937 he joined the NSDAP. In the same year he was also Adjunct Professor at the University of Leipzig. In 1938 he was appointed scientific director of IG Paint factory in Wolfen appointed.

After the Second World War he worked for some time in the USSR, but then returned back to Wolfen.

In 1952 he became professor of Chemistry at the University of Jena, and later at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where he moved in 1960.

His work spans were initially particularly the chemistry of peroxides and free radicals, and later the Technical Chemistry in the area of ​​natural resources in the context of self-sufficiency efforts of the National Socialist regime. This area of ​​research he was able to continue successfully recognized and internationally under the terms of the GDR.


  • Adolf von Baeyer Medal of the German Chemical Society in 1957
  • National Prize of the GDR II class 1959
  • August Kekulé Medal of the Chemical Society of the GDR 1962