Alfred von Gutschmid

Hermann Alfred Freiherr von Gutschmid ( born July 1, 1831 in Loschwitz; † March 2, 1887 in Tübingen ) was a German historian and orientalist.

He studied at the universities of Leipzig and Bonn philology and history and received his doctorate in 1854 at the Leipzig University with a dissertation: De Rerum aegyptiacarum scriptoribus Graecis ante Alexandrum Magnum. In 1863 he was appointed associate professor of history at the University of Kiel and in 1866 was appointed full professor. In 1873 he followed a call to Königsberg, 1876 to Jena and 1877 to Tübingen. He was also a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences. Gutschmid has notably be turned to the history of pre-Greek and Hellenistic Orient and the old chronology and annalists; in his numerous works outweighs the critical direction.


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