Alfredo Palacio

Luis Alfredo Palacio González ( born January 22, 1939 in Guayaquil ) is an Ecuadorian politician and cardiologist. He was on April 20, 2005 to January 15, 2007 President of Ecuador. Previously, he was from 15 January 2003, Vice President under Lucio Gutiérrez. After his dismissal by the National Congress, Palacio was sworn in as the new president.

Palacio took his degree in 1967 (Dr.) as a physician and surgeon at the University of Guayaquil and specialized between 1969 and 1974 in hospitals in Cleveland ( Case Western Reserve University ) and St. Louis in internal medicine and cardiology. Since 1980 he has been director of the National Institute of Cardiology ( INCAP ), which bears his name. He is Professor of Cardiology ( since 1989) and Public Health (since 2001) at the University of Guayaquil.

From 1994 to 1996 Palacio was Health Minister under President Sixto Durán - Ballén. In the presidential election of 2002, he joined together with Lucio Gutiérrez as a vice presidential candidate of the united list of Gutiérrez- party Partido Sociedad Patriótica 21 de Enero and the Plurinational indigenous movement Pachakutik and took over after the election victory this office. After an extraordinary meeting of the National Congress had Gutiérrez declared on 20 April 2005 because of " abandonment of the Office " deposed, Palacio was sworn in as the new president.

Palacio itself belongs to no party, and accordingly has no organized support in the National Congress. He announced to want to govern as president of the people and to strive for a structural reform of the state. He attempted to convene a Constituent Assembly, bypassing the National Congress by referendum. However, the plan failed in December 2005, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of the country not approved the proposed referendum. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal is composed of representatives of the leading parliamentary parties.

Palacios appointed on 4 May 2005 Vice- President, who is taking office, 74 -year-old Alejandro Serrano, although no party belonging, the Partido Social Cristiano ex-president León Febres Cordero - close. He also served as mayor of Cuenca and deputy governor and in Azuay. Other ministers were appointed from the environment of indigenous Pachakutik Party and the social democratic Izquierda Democrática. After just three months stepped beginning of August 2005 Economy Minister Correa, who, since his program of rapprochement with Venezuela and the zögerlicheren foreign debt in favor of domestic welfare programs could not be implemented so far most popular government minister back. ( Correa was elected in November 2006 as the successor Palacios. )

The government Palacios is generally marked by high political instability. At the time of the election of his successor in late November 2006 officiated the sixth interior minister and the sixth Economics and Finance since taking office in April 2005. Said Economics and Finance joined 20 days back before the end of the term of office Palacios, so that the labor minister as acting his tasks took over.

Palacio handed over on 15 January 2007 according to schedule his official sash to his successor Correa. He retreated to his hometown of Guayaquil and is now working primarily as a cardiologist.