Alfresco (Software)

Alfresco is a free document management software electronically stored documents. In addition to the usual market functionality ( document management and workflow), the current version offers the ability to manage web content.


Alfresco provides a virtual file system for document filing. Users of or Microsoft Office can save documents as usual in directories. The data stored there can eg automatically rule-based or policy control are converted to an XML format or PDF for example. It provides an integrated workflow engine with BPMN 2.0 support, advanced search options and storable based on Lucene, records management and a Check-In/Check-Out- and versioning control. Also available starting with version 2.1 via a plugin integration in Office 2003. To integrate the office suites 2007 and 2010, 3.3 parts of the MS SharePoint protocol stacks are supported as of version.

Alfresco supports the following open standards and quasi- standards:

  • Repository API: CMIS REST API, Java Content Repository API, SOAP Web Services
  • User - protocols: Windows Share ( SMB / CIFS), NFS, FTP, WebDAV, IMAP
  • Identity Management / Single Sign: LDAP, MS Active Directory
  • Portal integration: JSR 168
  • Workflow: BPEL / BPMN jBPM and 2.0/Activiti


Alfresco is based on open - source technologies such as Spring, JBoss, jBPM, MyBatis, Lucene and Java Server Faces. The modular architecture allows Java using the Spring framework to add new functionality or to change without the actual code of the application must be changed.

Additional services

In addition to the free version of Community Edition of Alfresco for which no maintenance and technical support is offered, it is the paid Alfresco Enterprise version, in addition to extensive Enterprise features (including clustering, JMX monitoring) especially maintenance and support services of the Alfresco Software Ltd.. contains.