The Algarve Women's Football Cup ( Portuguese: Mundialito de Futebol Feminino, English:. Algarve Women's Football Cup ), only short Algarve Cup, is an international football tournament for women's football teams. The tournament is played every year since 1994 in the spring in the Algarve in Portugal and is adjacent to the Olympic Games and World and European Championships, the most important tournament for women's football teams.

The tournament is an invitational event and is organized by the FPF in cooperation with the football associations from Denmark, Norway and Sweden with the support of FIFA. The four countries also participated in all preceding editions. Except for North Korea, which in 2014 first participates, and Brazil took all the teams that were previously represented in the top 10 of the FIFA world rankings, in part at least once.

The U.S. team is the most successful participants with nine victories. After Norway with four, Germany and Sweden follow with three each, and China with two wins. Except in 2004 and 2011, when the German team did not participate, always attended by the reigning world champion six times and was able to win the tournament.


Venues were previously Albufeira, Alvor, Faro, Ferreira, Guia, Lagoa, Lagos, Loulé, Montechoro, Olhão, Paderne, Parchal, Portimão, Quarteira, Silves and Vila Real de Santo António.


In the first edition in 1994, six teams played in two groups of three from 1995 to 2001, eight teams into two groups of four; places 1 to 6 and 8 were determined in the games of each aequo.

Since 2002, twelve teams taking part and it is the following mode: The eight highest -assessed teams make up the groups A and B, the four weaker teams the group C. First, the teams play in their group against each of the placement. It is initially the best score, then the direct comparison and only then the goal difference for the placement critical. Then proceed as follows:

  • Place play- 11: The third and fourth-placed team in the group C.
  • Place game 9: The second- placed team in Group C against the poorer fourth- placed team of Group A or Group B.
  • Place play- 7: Winner of Group C against the better fourth -placed team of Group A or Group B.
  • Match for 5th place: The third-placed teams in Groups A and B.
  • 3rd Place Match: The second-placed teams in Groups A and B.
  • Finals: The winners of Groups A and B will play for the tournament title.

Is it after the regular time of placement matches in a draw, followed in the past for an extension and then, if necessary, after a penalty shootout. Since 2008, no more extension will be played.


In the 20 previously discharged tournaments, there were a total of 28 participants. The following table shows, in which host country which first took part (number of participants in parentheses, as of 2014):

The tournaments at a glance

Note: * - Reigning world champion


* So far, no participants from Africa.


As of March 12, 2014


The number in parentheses indicates the number of awards from the Second.