Ali Campbell

Alistair Ian Campbell ( * February 15, 1959 in Birmingham ) is a British reggae musician with a penchant for dub.

Ali Campbell grew up in Birmingham, attended St. Luke's Junior School and the Moseley Road School of Art, he bought his first musical instruments from £ 4,000 for pain and suffering, which were awarded to him after a bar fight at his 17th birthday. In 1978 he co-founded a band with school friends after he had previously been unemployed for three years. She was named after a form of unemployment assistance UB40. As a solo artist, he debuted in summer 1995 with the album " Big Love" and the compilations taken " That Look In Your Eye" and " Let Your Yeah Be Yeah". With his daughter Kibibi he took in December 1995, a cover version of " Somethin 'Stupid " on, originally performed by Frank Sinatra and his daughter Nancy Sinatra.

Was released in 2007 the album Running Free and in January 2008 he announced his separation from UB40 known because he wants to concentrate in the future on his solo career. Since his departure the albums Flying High in 2009 and the existing cover versions from a number of British singers and bands Great British Songs of 2010 published.

Campbell sings, plays guitar and drums. From a divorced marriage he has four children from the relationship with his current girlfriend two children.


See UB40 Discography # to Twenty Four Seven (2008)

  • Big Love, 1995
  • Running Free, 2007
  • Flying High, 2009
  • Great British Songs, 2010
  • Something I Feel / Loop / Miss Thing / Alright, 1995
  • Let Your Yeah Be Yeah / / You Could Meet Somebody / alternative version, 1995
  • That Look in Your Eye, 1995
  • Somethin 'Stupid / alternative version / Pay the Rent, 1996