Alianza Lima

Alianza Lima is a football club from Lima in Peru. The club was founded on 15 February 1901, plays in the Primera División Peruana, the highest Peruvian football league.

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The club colors are blue and white Alianza. This also results in the appearance of their home jerseys. The jersey is longitudinally striped blue and white. Shorts and socks are completely in blue. The away jersey is designed differently. Time in full blue ( no stripes ), sometimes only white. In honor of Señor de los Milagros, players wear purple clothes game in October. In Peru, purple is often associated with religion and faith.


1901-1920: Early years

On February 15, 1901, the club under the name Sport Alianza was founded by a group of young men who worked in the stables of the former Alianza Peruvian President Augusto B. Leguía y Salcedo. At that time, decided to. The first jersey of the new association was longitudinally striped green-white, similar to the uniforms of horse - jockeys. Somewhat later changed the jersey and used the usual today colors dark blue and white. Eleven years after its foundation, ie 1912 to Alianza joined the Peruvian Amateur League. In 1918, the team was able to celebrate their first league title. It was playing mainly against other teams from the capital Lima and the port city of Callao. Especially the games against Club Atlético Chalaco developed into a great rivalry and popularity. From the beginning, the club great popularity and a growing Fanzugehörigkeit enjoyed.

1921-1940: Renamed Alianza Lima

During the early times when the players due to the changing workforce of the stable and the localities in which they were used, frequently changed, the Board decided in 1928 in the Manco Capac avenue to establish their own club house in the district of La Victoria. In the same train you changed the name to Alianza Lima. That same year, the team played its first match against Federación Universitaria, which later renamed Universitario de Deportes in. They developed a great competition and developed over time there developed the superclásico Peruano, the biggest derby in the country.

The 1930s were very successful for the club. In the years 1931, 1932 and 1933 the capital club won three consecutive national championship, which never managed a Peruvian team. But 1938, a big disappointment and Alianza dismounted in the second division. As early as the following season they got back up and has been in the first division.

1941-1980: Successful decades

During the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the team won ten league titles. In 1963 the club first participated in the 1960 Copa Libertadores furnished. At the first international participation you were solved together with the Brazilian club Botafogo FR and the Colombian club Millonarios CD lot in group A. With a win, one draw and two defeats, but you did not manage to qualify for the next round. The following year, the team did not win a game in the Copa Libertadores and in the seasons 1966 and 1972 failed the team in the preliminary round. In 1976 the club celebrated for the first time a place in the second round, but retired there from against Liga Deportiva Universitaria of Ecuador and the Brazilian team Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte. Two years followed the same fate. 1979 conceded Alianza in the first round twenty goals in six games. No match was won or achieved a draw. Probably the worst defeat put it at the 3:6 on the opening day, 24 February 1979 against league rivals Universitario de Deportes. Only the Bolivian club Club Jorge Wilstermann in group two had a worse goal difference.

1981-1990: Lean years and total loss of the team in plane crash

The 1980s were marked not as success as the decades before that. With Sporting Cristal came another strong competitor who fought constantly to the league title. Moreover, this good players snatched and lured some out of the squad at Alianza. In 1978 there was the last championship success. 1987 all looked after a new title for Alianza. Shortly before the end of the season the club was in first place in the Primera División Peruana, but a disaster prevented this success. On 7 December of the year the team traveled to the away game to Pucallpa, which they won with a goal from Carlos Bustamante. The following day, the team flew in an airplane Fokker F-27 back to Lima. Just before the coast it crashed into the ocean. All players, coaches and staff died in this accident. Lone Survivor was the pilot. Alianza finished the season with young players and actors borrowed from Chilean club Colo -Colo. Between the two teams it was a great Fanfreundschaft. Alianza could not manage to keep the club topped and you had the great rivals Universitario de Deportes to defer. To start a Rebuild reactivated to some players like Teófilo Cubillas and César Cueto to so able to return to more successful times can. In 1988, Alianza secured late in the league. In subsequent years, the team regenerated.

1991-2000: Return to success

1997, for the first time since 1978, Alianza won again the championship under then coach Jorge Luis Pinto. 18 years had fans and players on this triumph wait. In the Copa Libertadores 1998 you moved into the second round, but failed there to Peñarol Montevideo Uruguay on penalties. 1999 celebrated the team's runner-up, also reached to the semi-finals of the Copa Merconorte. Beginning of the year 2000 died the then captain Sandro Baylón in a car accident, what the club brought another tragic event.

2001 -present: centennial and present

In 2001, the festivities began the 100 - year celebration of the club. In the same year, the team rewarded himself and endowed with the mastery. 2003 and 2004, Alianza repeated this success under the direction of Gustavo Costas.

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Alianza plays its home matches at the Estadio Alejandro Villanueva or " La Caldera " in Lima. The stadium has a capacity of 35,000 spectators options. It was built between 1969 and 1974 by Walter Lavalleja. To facilitate this construction only, Manuel Apolinario Odría Amoretti, donated part of his country. The opening of the sports facility was on 27 December 1974. Guest in the first game was the Uruguayan representative Nacional Montevideo. The match ended 1-1.



The club was 23 times the national football champions: 1918, 1919, 1927, 1928, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1948, 1952, 1954, 1955, 1962, 1963, 1965, 1975, 1977, 1978, 1997, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006.


Alianza Lima twice reached the semifinals in the Copa Libertadores ( 1976, 1978 ) and once in the semi-finals of the Copa Merconorte (1999).

  • Copa Bolivariana: 1976 -II.

Known player


  • Peru Jair Baylón ( In Europe, active, inter alia, for SC Braga)
  • Rinaldo Cruzado Peru (Current Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Teófilo Cubillas (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Jefferson Farfán (Former Peruvian national team, in Germany for FC Schalke 04 active)
  • Peru George Forsyth (Current Peruvian national team, in Germany active for Borussia Dortmund )
  • Peru Paolo Guerrero (Current Peruvian national team, in Germany for FC Bayern Munich and Hamburger SV active)
  • Peru Reimond Manco (Current Peruvian national team )
  • Colombia Tressor Moreno (Former Colombian national team )
  • Peru Júnior Ponce (Former Peruvian U-17 national team, in Germany for TSG 1899 Hoffenheim active)
  • Peru 's Claudio Pizarro (Former Peruvian national team, in Germany for Bayern Munich and Werder Bremen active)
  • Peru Henry Quinteros (Current Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Junior Ross (in Germany active for the FSV Frankfurt)
  • Ecuador Luis Saritama (Current ecuadorischer national team )
  • Peru José Soto (Former Peruvian national team )
  • Peru Juan Valdivieso (Former Peruvian national team, World Cup qualifiers 1930)
  • Peru Alejandro Villanueva (Former Peruvian national team, World Cup qualifiers 1930)

Alianzas coach

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Alianzas President

First president of Alianza Lima, then still sports Alianza, in 1901 José Carreño. The only person so far José Vásquez and Augusto Benavides Mulanovich were in this office. Mulanovich also maintains fifteen years ( in two terms ) the club interen record on this post. In addition, he was in his second time at Alianza eleven years at the piece president of the club, which is also a record. So far, only Peruvians occupied this post.