Alice (miniseries)

Alice in Wonderland is a British- Canadian fantasy film directed by Nick Willing from the year 2009. During the two- part TV movie is a film adaptation of the eponymous children's book by Lewis Carroll from the year 1865.


When Alice was ten years old, her father Carpenter disappeared without a trace. Since then, the young woman looking for a sign of life is. She invites her new boyfriend Jack Chase to his home to introduce him to her mother. Later, Jack wants to give her a ring, but Alice goes much too quickly and reacts repellent. After she kicked him out of the apartment, he is ambushed and kidnapped by a man in a suit with a rabbit on his lapel. Alice, who has noticed that Jack has slipped the ring her secretly, is the strange man to task, which requires the ring. However, Alice gives him only the empty case. As the man fled, they pursued him and see how he disappears through a large mirror in a warehouse. Alice, who is unable to stop in time, also falls through.

She finds herself in a strange world with gray, dilapidated high rises again. She is captured and locked in a box. But it can free itself shortly afterwards. A homeless man leads them to a young man named Hatter who takes them under his wing and explains to her that she is in Wonderland. Here people will be displaced from Alice's world in a casino in trance and won their respective emotions in the form of an extract from their bodies. This dominates the tyrannical Queen of Hearts, the ruler of Wonderland, its population.

When the Queen discovers that the case contains no ring, they can search for Alice. To this end, it commissioned Mad March, a man with an artificial rabbit's head, who is known for his hard-line approach. Only the ring allows the opening of the mirror portal to regularly abduct people and so to win the vital extracts. Hatter can escape with Alice before the search party in a forest. There they encounter the White Knights Charly, the last of its kind, the White Knights have protected the ring before the Queen of Hearts was in power and they could eliminate it.

But Alice is tracked down and arrested by the White Rabbit. It calls upon the Queen of Hearts her friend Jack back before she gives her the ring. It turns out that her boyfriend Jack Heart is, son of the Queen 's and is already engaged to a duchess. He has it all just played. Alice is confined to elicit her the hiding place of the ring. However, it is exempt from Hatter and the White Knight and flees. When Hatter and Alice come closer, suddenly Jack appears. He tells Alice that he is playing a double game and actually supporters of the resistance movement against his mother. It can also lead them to her father, who was also kidnapped years ago and lives. Alice believes him and gives him the ring.

In the confrontation with her father recognizes his daughter but not again. He was well manipulated by the Queen of Hearts. He was trained as a laboratory manager for the extract recovery. But short flashes of thought make him suspicious. Jack's mission was all the time, Alice to win over to wake her father again. Unexpectedly appeared on the search party of the Queen and arrested everyone. The Queen of Hearts has the ring once again in their possession and sentenced Jack and Alice to death. Alice can free himself and created in collaboration with Hatter bad emotions in the people caught in the casino, which leads the previous Wonderland to collapse. Her father is now back in his senses and asks Alice for forgiveness, but is then shot. As the subjects of the Queen rebel, she must return the ring Alice. The tyranny is over.

All people kidnapped and Alice return to their world, Jack is now King of Wonderland and Hatter accompanied not contrary to his original idea. Alice wakes up in a hospital where her mother tells her that is passed only an hour since the warehouse incident. As home of the construction workers ringing, who has found it, she recognizes Hatter, falls on his neck and kisses him. Her mother is stunned next to it.


" The whole story could have been told in half the time and so arise after the first hour of several lengths. Very strong is Nick Willings ' Alice in Wonderland', however, in the artistic interpretation. The topic about the feelings which in a casino men absorbed and filled into expensive bottles is done and also the oblique Tea Party as well as the strong performance by the Queen of Hearts, played by Oscar - winner Kathy Bates, make this ' Alice in Wonderland' in some ways unique. Nick Willings modern ' Alice' staging convinced at least in artistic ways! "

" All in all, should decide any fan of the original even if he this modern interpretation of" to give Alice in Wonderland " a chance or not. The magical and whimsical atmosphere of the book is just as available as the hidden statements. The two-piece knitted a lot easier and less demanding and tells a more or less conventional story of love and family that uses only fragments from the two Alice novels of Lewis Carroll. "