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The Alifushi Atoll ( Dhivehi: އ ަ ލ ި ފ ު ށ ި ) is a very small natural atoll of the Maldives in the north of the administrative district Raa. It is named after the British naval officer Lieutenant FT Powell as Powell Islands and includes only the two islands Alifushi ( 58.3 ha) and Ethigili ( 11.0 hectares).

The atoll is separated by a few kilometers wide channel from the southern North Maalhosmadulu Atoll, where the administrative center is located. It is in the west-east direction nearly 3 km wide and in north-south direction for about 1.3 km long. The distance to the capital Malé is about 210 km.

Occupied is only the eastern side of the atoll comprehensive main island Alifushi. This is with 1000 x 800 -meter relatively large for Maldivian conditions and possessed the Census 2006, nearly 2000 residents. The island is famous for its carpenters and boat builders; these have to be the reputation of being the best in the country. In the 1980s a new shipyard on the island was built by the government, therefore. Here, the modern diesel engine driven Dhoni have been developed for long time regarded with suspicion by the locals, but now all over the country are here to stay.

The second island, Etingili (also Etthingili ), located in the northwest of the atoll, is much smaller and uninhabited.