Alkbottle is an Austrian hard rock and heavy metal band from Vienna. Many songs are about beer, alcohol consumption in general and the resulting noise. Since 1995 there is also a private Alkbottle beer.


The band was founded in 1990 by Gregory Roman and Christian Zitta. They were joined by bassist Marco Billiani and drummer Alex " Mungo " Brunner.

Alkbottle are also known for idiosyncratic cover versions in Meidlinger dialect, it was about Thunderstruck by AC / DC to Fanta Light. For Blader, Fetter Lauter & A Bissl More 1994 they received a gold record for more than 25,000 units sold.

1998 Alkbottle announced the dissolution of the band, Roman Gregory then began a solo career. In 2001, the band played two concerts during the " 3 year anniversary band resolution " in Vienna and produced a live DVD. In 2003, Alkbottle for the CD of the football club SK Rapid Wien St. Hanappi the Fanhymne You'll Never Walk Alone on.

In 2006, the band with new guitarist Didi Baumgartner has reunited. Then played the "Bottle - Recordings", under the " fat Wia a Christmas Tour 2007 " including in Salzburg, Klagenfurt and Vienna, where new material was presented. In April 2008, the album was the rock ruled Here n 'Roll presents.

After they had separated because of internal differences of drummer Peter Wagner in 2007 and successor Ernst Luttinger got out again after only a year, organized the band in 2009 the " Alkbottle 's Next drummer " contest. As part of this competition, Christoph "Mad" Ullmann could ultimately prevail against seven other candidates. The final took place at the Arena Vienna on 3 July 2009.

In autumn 2010, published Alkbottle a CD / DVD Box for 20-year anniversary. Shortly after, the band for the Austrian preliminary decision to Euro Vision Song Contest 2011 was nominated. For these produced novel Gregory and Marco Billiani a promotional video in which appeared, among others, Hans Krankl, Toni Polster, the team of SK Rapid Wien and The Vamummtn.



  • No Sleep Till Meidling (1993/1995 with one bonus track re-released )
  • Blader, fatter, louder & a bissl more (1994 )
  • We san on kana Kinderjausn (1995 )
  • Live rather sober (1996 )
  • Trivialkbottle (1997)
  • The Last of Alkbottle (double CD ) ( 1998)
  • Live in a tent 94 (double CD ) (2004 )
  • Here the rock ruled n ' Roll ( 2008)
  • 20 Joa in NC / fat wia Christmas (double CD ) (2010 )
  • S'Ollagrösste & a bissl more [ Best Of (partly re-recorded ); 2011]
  • Forever (2012 )


  • Go scheissn! (1995)
  • Tiling (1995 )
  • We drink to Rapid (1997)
  • 6 Beer (2004)
  • Rock Star in Austria ( 2009)
  • We san do net for fun (2011)


  • 5 after XII - Lights out over Meidling (2002)
  • 20 Joa in NC / fat wia Christmas ( Double DVD ) (2010 )